Events are a great way to have fun and enjoy your Vizsla!  Many of the events offered can provide good exercise in a social setting, for both you and your dog.  For more information on some of the types of events that can be enjoyed, visit our Types of Events area, and you can also check out the AKC website.  There are many more other event types you can enjoy with your Vizsla, that may not be listed here.  We encourage you to check out our Resources area for more info on various organizations.   

To learn about upcoming Conestoga Vizsla Club specific events, please visit our Premiums page.  There we post information on upcoming CVC events as it becomes available.  When applicable, the running orders for our field events can be found on our Running Orders page.  Results for our club's Field Trials, Specialty Shows, and Supported Entry Shows are posted following each event, as they become available, on our Event Results page. 

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