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Field Trials

Field Trials are a competitive  sporting event conducted under the rules set forth by the AKC. Dogs compete head to head for placements and can earn points toward the AKC titles of Field Champion (FC) or Amateur Field Champion (AFC). Field Trials are either horseback or walking events. Dogs are entered in different events called "stakes" based on age and ability - Puppy, Derby and Gun Dog. Certain stakes will also be designated as Retrieving. 


    Six dual champions                                                                                                                                                                                              Dolly on point Photo by Melissa Hampton photography

Dogs are released in pairs called "braces" at the starting line, known as the "breakaway," with handlers following. Behind the handlers are the judges and behind them sometimes there are spectators or "gallery." The dogs should run and hunt the most likely places the wild birds would be found, usually the edges or fields or open areas.  The objective is for the dogs to find game and establish point. The intensity and concentration that a dog shows on point is called "style on point." Handlers are then required to flush the bird and fire a blank gun, while the dog stays still (steady) throughout the whole sequence. This is called "steady to wing and shot" and must be demonstrated throughout a Gun Dog stake. A dog that breaks their point, creeps or chases  is disqualified and the handler is instructed by the judges to cease their run and "pick up" their dog. The ultimate goal is for the dogs to find birds in an excellent  hunting method, show style on point, steadiness to wing and shot, and finish as strong as he or she started.                                              


       Rusty Roo on point by Anita Greenstone                                                                                                                                   Csako at the breakaway by Linda Pruitt

CVC hosts a Spring and Fall Field Trial each year. If you would like to experience the fast paced action of Vizsla's in the field, make plans to attend our next Field Trial. If you would like to learn more about field trials and think this might be something for you and your dog, CVC will be glad to introduce you to an experienced club member in your area to help you along. Your dog will love you for it!!

Be sure to check out our hunting slideshow in our gallery!!

AKC Pointing Breed Field Trials

AKC Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedure for Pointing Breeds

Field Trial Contact - Al Lucas, Sr. 

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