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Conestoga Vizsla Club

York Specialty       2024

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Conestoga Vizsla Club Spring Specialty Results

March 17, 2024 in York PA


                               Judge: Beverly J. Diamond


                                                          Best in Sweepstakes

                                    Southwick Shikari Arkan You Oniu Live Twice

                                                         Bred By: Sarah Crepeau

                                                         Owned By: Becca Brooker

                                                                          #90 Oni


                                            Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes

                                                Cameo's Kenny Chesney

                             Bred By: Iva Fisher & Yovonne Baggott-Jones

             Owned By: Lisa and Joel Sackett, & Yovonne Baggott-Jones

                                                              # 49 Kenny

                                                  Best in Veteran Sweepstakes

                    GCH Bayview's One for the Money CD RN JH AX AXJ TK

                Bred by: Lori Salb, Britt Jung, Lindsay Fetters, and Ida Kavafian

                                          Owned By: Anne Macauley & Britt Jung

                                                                         #97 Cash

                                                          Regular Classes

                         Judge: Mr. Robert L. Vandiver

                                                                     Best of Breed

                                            GCH Rhapsody By Invitation Only

Bred By: Michelle Porfido-Delucia Jonathan Delucia & Genine Enoksen

     Owned By: Michelle Porfido Delucia and Jenna Iacobellis-Zablow

                                                                       # 68 Fletcher

                                             Best of Winners/Winners Bitch

                                                 Vizcaya's Cherohala Byway

                                  Bred By: Toni Iacoboni & Nancy Edmunds

                                         Owned By: Toni & Camillo  Iacoboni

                                                                    #8 Cessa

                                                           Best of Opposite Sex

                                         GCHS Brittania's Blowin' in the Wind

                                Bred By: Joe & Susan Falkson and Britt Jung

                             Owned By: Susan and Joe Falkson & Britt Jung

                                                                  #33 Dylan

                                                                    Select Dog

                              GCHS Suzu & Jovie's Brewed to Perfection

                                                     Bred By: Susan Nakamura

                                                 Owned By: Stephen Affatigato

                                                                       #99 Zurich

                                                                   Not Pictured

                                                                    Select Bitch

                      GCHG Suzu & Shannon's Evivvia La Vie En Rose JH

                               Bred By: Susan Nakamura & Patrica Crowley

                           Owned By: T. &S. Nakamura, & Patricia Crowley

                                                                        #24 Vivva

                                                          Award of Merit

                            GCH Sundance's Reel Deal Breaker CGC

                                                   Bred By: Karen DeVito

                  Owned By: Karen DeVito, Todd Devito, and Amy Kobal

                                                              #37 Hudson

 Award of Merit Owner Handler Best of Breed Owner Handler Group 2

                       GCHB Solaris 5Starr I'm Just Hare for the Gossip

                                         Bred By: Lisa Starr & Beth Kirven

    Owned By: Amy Kobal & Karen DeVito & Beth Kirven & Lisa Starr

                                                                     #14 Rumor

                                          Award of Merit and Winners Dog

                         Autumn Acres S'More than you can Handle TKN

                        Bred By: Tamara & Weston Brown & Brittany Ives

   Owned By: Angie Howell & Tamara & Weston Brown & Brittany Ives

                                                                          #7 S'More

                                                        Reserve Winners Dog

                                       Shikari Eighth Wonder of the World

                         Bred By: Debbie Sullivan, Ritu Mihir, & Daniel Zilka

                         Owned By: Christian Henry & Malti Sharma-Henry

                                                                       #55 Tazz

                                                                    Not Pictured


                                                        Reserve Winners Bitch

                                             Dynasty's Key to Independence

                                    Bred By: Candy Roddy and Haley Roddy

              Owned By: Kelli & Jeff Hitchcock & Candy & Haley Roddy

                                                                     #78 Indi

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