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Types of Events

The definition of versatile is: able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

The vizsla has the ability to participate in many of the AKC activities and events and earn titles. A pass fail event title will go after the name while a competition event  title goes before the dogs name. Here are some of the events they do and links to a page with a description.

Conformation Dog Show

A competition event where dogs are judged by there appearance according to the VCA breed standard.


Hunt Tests

Hunt tests are a pass fail event to evaluate how well your dog can find and point birds.

Field Trials

A field trial is a hunting event that is a competition where the dogs are expected to find and point birds on a bigger scale than a hunt test.                                                              


Obedience & Rally

Obedience is an event where your dog must execute a predefined set of tasks as directed by their handler.

Rally is you and your dog go around a course as a team and perform different obedience style exercises.



You and your dog go around an agility course in a race of both time and accuracy.


Dock Diving

Dock Diving is an event where your dog jumps off a dock after a toy, they are judged by height and distance.

Nosework the practice of learning and finding specific odors, dog will alert handler to an odor.

Tracking is the practice of finding human or animal odor, the foundation of canine search and rescue.

Versatility comparable to the Iron Dog competition for a versatility title your dog must prove it is able in a variety of events, not an AKC title.

Therapy Dog not a competition but a title recognizing the therapy work done by a dog such as visiting hospitals and schools. (Page coming soon)


Photo credit: Stephanie Sherwood Judit owner handler group 3

                       Linda Pruitt Csako pointing

                       Dot Romano Lucy turn where?

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