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Conestoga Vizsla  Club

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Versatility Tests

Versatility tests are designed to help the overall improvement of the Vizsla breed, showing the versatility of the Vizsla as a good-looking, well-mannered hunting dog.  Altered or intact, AKC or ILP registered dogs are eligible for this award.  

The Vizsla Club of America will designate dogs completing the requirements as Versatility Certificate (VC) recipients.  The letters 'VC' will follow your dog's registered name.  The VC designation is a VCA award and is not recognized by the AKC.  The VC title, however, may be included in advertising.  

Source:  Vizsla Club of America 


Versatility Program Rules

Versatility Certificate Holders


Conformation Versatility Test

Field Versatility Test

Obedience Versatility Test - Judge's Commands

Obedience Versatility Test Overview


Application for Versatility Certificate(s)

Application to Hold Versatility Test(s)

Conformation Versatility Test Measurement Only Judge's Score Sheet

Conformation Versatility Test Judge's Score Sheet 

Field Versatility Judge's Score Sheet

Obedience Versatility Judge's Score Sheet

Versatility Test Entry Form 

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